Brand New Case Law

In 2014, Attorney Donald Gray Drewry, took on a DUI case in San Jose, California for a new client. The client made a wrong turn onto a one-way street, and immediately turned into a parking lot. Unfortunately, there was a police officer there who pulled the client over, gave Field Sobriety Tests, however the client legally refused the street breath test, and was then arrested. The officer did not fully explain the rights of a chemical test to Mr. Drewry’s client, and an illegal blood test was given.

Mr. Drewry did a motion to suppress the blood in the pre- court. The motion was denied. Mr. Drewry appealed that ruling, and two (2) years later, the Pre-trial decision was reversed, and the blood was suppressed; there are no other chemical tests.

Now, in 2017, lawyers all over the State of California are using the case that Mr. Drewry won for his client to try to help their clients. The case is People v. Mason.

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