Alameda County


As of 2016, the Alameda County Court system has changed trying save money. Misdemeanor case have been moved to only two (2) locations from the four (4) they use to be held in. All the cases that use to go to the Pleasanton Court now go to the Fremont Court located at 39439 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, California. Cases that use to go the Hayward Court now are assigned to the Wiley Manuel Court at 661 Washington Street, Oakland, California. Now, there are some exceptions to this, but very rare.

Additionally, Alameda County has a new policy in place to try to get all Misdemeanors out to trial within six (6) months, which puts you in a bad situation because you cannot always get the discovery you need to properly defend yourself until the last minute. This, of course, also can cause you to be put into a situation of getting a higher penalty in a plea bargain. In fact, at Oakland a new policy is going into effect shortly cases set for trial will be given a higher penalty if you try to settle the case the day of trial.

At the Fremont Court, at your arraignment, the will give you a next court date for a pre-trial to try to resolve the case, and at the same time a trial date. So, you need to have everything you need done by that date or you are going to trial or face a higher penalty. It has long been the policy at the Fremont Court, the at your first pre-trial, if you do not resolve the case, the penalty will increase, and will not be lowered. Additionally, they have really bad juries at Fremont who really don’t care if you are guilty or innocent, and consider most people guilty just because you are at trial.

I have been doing case in Alameda County for twenty-six (26) years, and have seen the changes. Each case must stand on its own merits; not what your friend told you he or she got, but your facts. The judges are different as are the Deputy District Attorneys in each courtroom. I know them all, and on any given day, have the same facts as another case, and deal may be different. To protect yourself, I need to get started as early as possible to obtain the evidence we need to get you the best resolution in your case.

Get a FREE forty-five (45) minute consultation. Remember, there are two (2) sides to every story, and the police officers are trained to put in only one (1) side in their report; the side that will help convict you because they have already made up their mind as judge and jury. Call immediately (510) 346-6666 and make an appointment. Be prepared when you come so you don’t waste your time by having all the papers you have, and write down everything you can remember including witnesses, and do it right away so you don’t forget something. Think if there are cameras, videos, audios, anything we need to subpoena before it is destroyed. Call now!!!!