Contra Costa County


The Contra Costa Court system has two (2) areas for Misdemeanors at present. Martinez and Pittsburg are presently handling Misdemeanor cases. However, beginning February 1, 2017, all Misdemeanor cases are scheduled to be handled at the Martinez, California.

The biggest problem with Contra Costa is the procedure that the District Attorney has in obtaining its Deputy District Attorneys. They hire a group of new Deputies who have just passed the bar examination, and then train them as they want them to perform. They have a short contract with Contra Costa, and only a few will be kept at the end of the contract term in each group. The few that will be kept are the Deputies who get the greatest conviction rate, and then those who obtain the highest conviction rate. This is why it is so difficult to negotiate your plea bargain. Everyone wants to keep his or her job. These Deputy District Attorneys take even bad cases to trial just to obtain the goal of being the best.

Cases can be won in Contra Costa, but it takes hard work, and knowing what you are looking for in evidence. For example, in a DUI case where you gave a blood sample, you must get the “Digital Data” from the Gas Chromatograph. Contra Costa hates giving this up, but it is required by law. However, many, in fact most, attorneys do not know how to deal with the Digital Data, so they settle for re-testing the remaining blood, a big big big mistake. Presently, there are only two (2) attorneys with the ability to not only obtain, but do an INTEGRATION OF THE DIGITAL DATA that can help you in trying to win your case; see the blood graphs.

Always write down everything you can remember the next day before you forget, and get to an attorney as soon as possible. Call (510) 346-6666 for a 45 minute FREE consultation. Have your papers with you so you do not waste time. There will be greater pressure on resolving these cases once all the Misdemeanor cases move to Martinez in 2017. Arraignments should all remain at 1020 Ward Street, Martinez, CA. I appear for my clients so they do not have to take time off work for the arraignment, and then request the discovery (evidence) to better defend your case. So CALL NOW!!!! (510) 346-6666.