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A Refusal charge in a DUI case is very serious. The penalty is harsh. If convicted in a criminal DUI case, you may be sentenced to additional jail time, picking up trash, and a larger fine. If convicted by the DMV, even if not in the criminal court, you will still face a (1) year loss of license WITHOUT even a restricted license for that year. Then, if you get caught driving with a suspended license, you will earn a new criminal charge, a probation violation, an additional loss of license, and impoundment of your car.

If that sounds bleak, then keep reading. Because there is something you can do about it.

First, you need to hire a DUI attorney. There are only a precious few defense lawyers that know how to fight DUI charges. My name is Donald Drewry and I can take care of this for you. I know how to fight DUI charges vigorously and I have the credentials, the reviews, and the experience to prove it.

There may be several defenses that I may have for you.

  1. The stop may have been illegal;
  2. The officer may have caused confusion;
  3. The officer may not have properly advised you;
  4. You may have properly agreed and been misunderstood.

The police officer immediately wrote a report of the officer’s version of the case and arrest. Now it’s your turn. To protect yourself, you need to write your own account of what happened. I recommend doing it now because within a few days, you might forget important details or the correct sequence of events. Best to get it done now while the information is still fresh.

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