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Plan the Next Steps for your Martinez DUI Defense Strategy

There are three things you should know about beating your DUI charges in Contra Costa County Superior Court.

#1 – You do not need to post bail. Hire an attorney instead.

When you post bail, you have to put down a large non-refundable deposit. Frequently it is 10% percent of the total bail amount. An experienced attorney can usually get the bail amount eliminated by having you released on your own recognizance. If it is a Misdemeanor charge, you should be released without bail. If it is a Felony charge, then you should have your lawyer try to have you released without bail or have the bail reduced.

Posting the bail deposit is an absurd waste of money because it’s usually unnecessary and you’ll never get it back. Think of it this way: that’s $10,000 that you will never see again. And the bail bondsman can impoverish you by taking away your savings, your belongings, your home, your car, and whatever else you had to put up as collateral.

Posting bail also does not help address your DUI charges. You need an attorney to help you confront the charges.

#2 – Prepare Your Defense. Write everything down.

Put in writing a full account of what happened. Don’t put it off. Do it while the details are still fresh. It’s better to include too much than too little. You can fill one page or you can fill 20 pages. It can be typewritten, dictated in your phone, or handwritten. It doesn’t matter. What matters is to have a complete record of what happened the night of your arrest. This will help Mr. Drewry review your case. In fact, start the night before you were arrested. Remember, the cop is writing a report to convict you, so you better have one to protect yourself.

Here are some questions to jog your memory and start the process:

  1. What time did you go to sleep the night before?
  2. What time did you get up?
  3. What did you eat for breakfast? And what time?
  4. Did you go to work that day?
  5. What time did you leave?
  6. What time did you arrive?
  7. Did you take a break and eat? What time and what did you eat?
  8. Did you have lunch? What?
  9. Did you have a break in the afternoon and eat something, time and what?
  10. What time did you get off work?
  11. Where did you go?
  12. Did you have dinner? What time and what did you eat?
  13. What time did you go out?
  14. Where were you headed?
  15. What time did you arrive?
  16. Were you alone?
  17. What time did you start drinking?
  18. What were you drinking? How many?
  19. What time did you leave?
  20. Where were you going?
  21. At what time did the officer pull you over?
  22. Where did the officer pull you over?
  23. What questions did the officer ask? How did you answer?
  24. Were you polite?
  25. Did you give your license, proof of insurance, and registration to the officer?
  26. How did you answer when the officer asked if you had any alcohol to drink? Be specific.
  27. Did the officer ask you if you took any drugs of any kind? How did you answer? Be specific
  28. Did you do Field Sobriety Tests? Which tests?
  29. Did you blow into a street breath test machine? If yes, did the officer tell you that you did not have to blow into that machine?
  30. After you were arrested, did the officer give you the choice of either a breath or blood test? Which one did you choose?
  31. Where did they take your blood, at the jail?
  32. Did the person who drew your blood wash their hands before putting on the gloves?
  33. How many vials did they draw?
  34. Did they video tape you?

#3 – If you’re serious about winning, then find an expert Martinez DUI defense attorney like Donald Drewry

If you’ve never been through this before, then it may be hard to tell the difference between an experienced attorney and an inexperienced one. But as the old adage goes, you really get what you pay for. An inexperienced attorney usually offers a simple solution for a lowball price. And what do you get for that? Someone who shows up at court to help you plead guilty to all charges before they have researched everything in your case. We call them dump truck attorneys because they tend to dump their cases – that is, their clients – on the steps of the courthouse and then leave to take the next case as quickly as possible.

DUI cases are very defensible as long as you have a skilled DUI defense attorney familiar with the law and court procedure.

  • DUI Charges can be dismissed.
  • Field Sobriety tests are rarely reliable.
  • Chemical tests are not always accurate, especially BLOOD results.

Here’s another way to spot a bad defense lawyer. A lawyer who takes every case that comes along may not have the training and knowledge to win your case. Even attorneys who have experience defending criminal cases may not know how to properly defend against DUI charges. It may be tempting to make the problem go away by hiring the cheapest attorney who advises to just plead guilty and get on with your life.

So what happens if you do that? Well, you might lose your job. And if you lose your job, you might get evicted or foreclosed upon. It is very difficult to get a new job anywhere in the country if you have a conviction on your record. Think it through. You may not realize it yet, but you’re in the fight that will affect your life.

DUI cases are complex to defend and the attorney who represents you should possess legal expertise in:

  • Field sobriety testing
  • How the human body processes alcohol or drugs
  • Breath, blood, and urine test analysis
  • Have the ability to challenge government blood test results with the bleeding edge blood analysis software

Why Blood Analysis Results are Usually Inaccurate

Martinez DUI defense attorney Donald Gray Drewry prevails in court for two reasons: 1) He cares deeply about his clients and knows what’s at stake; and 2) he owns a very expensive blood analysis software application with superior accuracy and analysis. By our reckoning, only one other attorney in Northern California owns a copy. It is not widely available and requires thorough training.

Usually, government lab results reveal contamination in the samples that come to light only with our software. Contaminated blood will generate inaccurate results. It happens a lot. If there is a problem with the Government’s lab results, then your attorney needs to be able to disclose this bad evidence. Without the software, it’s difficult to prove in court. Donald Drewry, however, has over and over again.

"I could not have asked for a more positive outcome, given the circumstances. Mr. Drewry was diligent for over a year–to help reduce my case from a very high BAC DUI (more than double the legal limit) to a wet and reckless. He was able to get reduced fines and reduced time with a DUI program. When I first went to his office last year, I was mortified by the situation that I had placed myself in. Not only did I get into an accident with a large street light, I totaled by new car and I was arrested. I had never been in an accident or arrested, so I came out of the police station terrified,stunned and I had no idea on what to do. When I came to Mr. Drewry I was also apprehensive because it was a large fee to pay for something that I was sure I wouldn’t be able to fight. After the consultation, I decided to retain Mr. Drewry, and I am so happy that I did. Since the process was so long, and I did not have much information, I was nervous. In the end I was nervous for no reason. When it came to the close of the case, Mr. Drewry explained everything to me in detail and with examples. Mr.Drewry gave me options, and let me choose how to proceed. He is extremely professional, and gets results. I would highly recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in the same situation I did. If you retain Mr. Drewry you can trust he’s doing everything he can even if theres not constant communication."

December 29, 2016, the San Jose Appellate Court issued a decision in the case of People v. Mason. This is Mr. Drewry’s case that suppressed the blood results because the officer did not fully inform the defendant of the penalties and her right to REFUSE to take the blood test. Other lawyers all over the State of California are now using Mr. Drewry’s case to try and get their client’s cases dismissed, and some have been successful because of Mr. Drewry’s work. This landmark achievement sets a stunning precedent for other attorneys.

Donald Gray Drewry, DUI Lawyer & Expert DUI Defense Attorney Serving Martinez, California

The Law Office of Donald Gray Drewry has extensive experience and a superior track record defending DUI cases in Martinez.

  • Expert Legal Representation for your Martinez DUI Case: We provide complete defense representation in Martinez, California and throughout Contra Costa County. We understand what it takes to successfully defend your Martinez DUI charges.
  • Expert Legal Representation for your DMV Hearing – When dealing with the DMV’s Administrative Per Se Hearing (DMV DUI Hearing) at the Martinez Driver Safety Office, we know how to successfully represent you to help you keep your driving privilege. Driver Safety hearings are complex and it’s recommended that you have an expert legal professional guiding and advising you. Keep driving while your hearing is going on, and if it is a blood case, that can be a long time. Additionally, there are more points in your favor if this is blood case you have access to the 21st Century technology that Mr. Drewry has to defend you. DMV hearings are tougher than the criminal case.

Our nearest office location is in San Leandro:

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Martinez DUI Quick Facts

Knowing where to report can be a little tricky. That’s why we’ve put together this handy how-to guide for figuring out what to do next. And remember that even the best web site is no substitute for hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney. Take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION by calling our office: (510) 346-6666

Arrested for a DUI in Contra Costa County? Then from the date of your arrest you have Ten (10) days to request a hearing with the DMV or you will lose your driving privilege. All requests for hearings for any case in Contra Costa County by any police agency will go to the Oakland DMV Hearing Office. However, you may be assigned to a hearing at the El Cerrito office, or the Pittsburg office for the actual hearing depending on the location of your arrest. To avoid making a mistake or saying something that can be used against you in your hearing, you should have your attorney make the request. My office will do this for you at NO-CHARGE when you call us for a FREE CONSULTATION, and we do this whether you hire us or not. Remember, you only have Ten (10) days, and that means Ten (10) calendar days not business days, so call us now at:

Call now for a free consultation: (510) 346-6666

#1 – Main Arresting Law Enforcement Agencies in Martinez, California

California Highway Patrol
5001 Blum Rd.
Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 646-4980
Open M-F 8am-5pm

Martinez Police Department
525 Henrietta Street
Martinez, CA 94553-2395
(925) 372-3440 for non-emergencies; Call 911 for emergencies

Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office
7th floor
651 Pine St
Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 335-1500

#2 – Criminal Courts Where Martinez DUIs are Heard

Martinez DUI arrests are heard in the Wakefield Taylor Courthouse:

Contra Costa Superior Court
Wakefield Taylor Courthouse
725 Court Street
Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 608-1000

License Suspension Hearings are heard in the Oakland DMV Driver Safety Office:

Oakland DMV Driver Safety
7677 Oakport Street, 2nd Floor
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 563-8900
Home Page:
Oakland DMV Information

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Please keep in mind that all cases are different and the law is constantly changing. The items and information on this site may not apply to your case. Consult with a licensed and reputable attorney who knows all the facts and evidence concerning your case and follow the attorney’s recommendations.