Recommended Attorneys

Donald Drewry looks forward to helping you with any DUI-related or criminal charges in the San Francisco Bay area. If you face a criminal issue in another state or outside Northern California, Mr. Drewry recommends the attorneys listed below without hesitation. From time to time we may update this page as we get to know other attorneys who demonstrate exceptional legal skills and ethics.

San Diego Defenders

Lawyers Daniel Smith and Jon Pettit have earned a stellar reputation defending criminal cases ranging from DUI, federal crimes, drug crimes and theft. Because of their proximity to the border, they have also successfully defended border bust cases, including blind mules who unwittingly bring drugs over the border from Mexico.

Law Offices of Thomas J. Thomas

With their main office in Atlanta, Thomas J. Thomas is a highly skilled criminal defense attorney who has deep experience defending DUI, Drug, and White Collar crimes. He has argued two DUI cases before the US Supreme Court, and have won many cases before the Georgia Supreme Court. They have unbelievable success at trial and motions.

Law Offices of Michael J. Fremont

Michael is an expert DUI Defense attorney who handles cases in Vista, California. There are numerous accounts of him filing motions in court that catch the prosecutor completely off-guard. He also handles cases in San Diego, Chula Vista, and El Cajon and was awarded the Edward Kuwatch Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 by the California DUI Lawyers Association.

Exclusive DUI Defense, Inc.

Ken Hamilton is a certified criminal defense specialist who handles DUI defense cases in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo. Ken is dedicated to protecting the civil rights of his clients from the overreach of the government and approaches that task with rare level of dedication. I recommend taking a look at the 33 DUI Defenses article on their site.

Bair Legal

Hudson Bair formed Bair Legal, a DUI Defense firm serving South San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and neighboring communities, after his partner of 20+ years Bruce Kapsack joined the public defender’s office of Shasta County, California. Hudson is a fair-minded individual who knows a lot about your rights and the potential legal consequences of DUI Refusal and Expungements.

Law Office of Phillip W. Goff

Phillip has an extremely successful record defending criminal cases in and around Corpus Christi, Texas. He has developed a specialty in defending traffic tickets for commercial drivers around Texas, where a single infraction can lead to financial ruin. He has saved his clients money and spared them from prolonged worry and frustration.

Law Office of Jonathan Rooker

Fresno-based criminal defense attorney Jonathan Rooker devotes about half his practice to DUI defense. He also defends DWI, Domestic Violence, Assault, Battery, Driving on a Suspended License, Prostitution, Drug and Narcotics Defense, and Cultivation and Sales of Illicit drugs. Jonathan believes that there are four areas of law that have a common relationship: known as the four D’s, they are DUI, Domestic Violence, Discharge from Employment, and Divorce. There is a known domino effect.

The Law Office of Linda McNiel

DUI and DMV Attorney who operates out of her office in Mendocino, California. Linda has been practicing for quite a long time in a part of the state where the legal system is overwhelmingly dominated by white males. If memory serves, she started defending DUI cases in the late 1970s in a mostly rural area that in recent years has seen growth in the cultivation of marijuana, which has sent property values soaring.