San Francisco County


The San Francisco Misdemeanor Court is located at 850 Bryant Street, San Francisco, California. Arraignments are held in Department 17 on the morning calendar. The cases are usually kept in Department 17 until they are ready to settle or sent out to trial. Pre-trial dates are set on dates with the same color on the calendar as the date your arraignment is.

If you have a blood DUI case, my office will be requesting Electronically Stored Information (ESI)/Digital Data. This requires a special motion; it shouldn’t, but a present it does. It is the opinion of the County of San Francisco that they out rank the State of California and the United States Constitution, which they don’t, and as yet, have not turned over this special discovery. My office has the most powerful motion pending for this discovery. Presently, there are only two (2) lawyers handling blood cases, that have the ability to process the ESI/Digital Data, and I am one (1) of them. It takes special training and equipment.

See the blood information that can protect you on the Home page about the graphs you need for your case. County and City of San Francisco don’t want you to have a fair chance at your blood case, but I do.

The first thing you should do is write down everything that you can remember. Do this as soon as possible so you don’t forget anything. Then make an appointment with my office for a FREE 45 minute consultation by calling (510) 346-6666. I can make the arraignment for you in Department 17 so you don’t lose time off work. CALL NOW (510) 346-6666