San Mateo County


The San Mateo County Court system is divided into two (2) parts. There is the Southern Division at South San Francisco, and the Northern Division at Redwood City. The County closed the criminal division at South San Francisco several years ago. However, when they need extra courtrooms for trials, cases are sent there. Redwood City is the main criminal courthouse for all of San Mateo case both Felony and Misdemeanors. In fact, the Redwood City Courthouse is so busy that the assign the courtroom for cases as they become available the night before. This is why you do not know what courtroom you will be in until the day of your case is being called for arraignment or pre-trial.

They are working on expanding parking, but it is very limited next to the court. So, you need to get to court early to get parking. Additionally, they make everyone, including the lawyers remove everything from their pockets, and take off belts, to go through the metal detectors, so allow extra time for this process. You rarely ever get the same judge and Deputy District Attorney for your case which makes it hard to resolve a case. It is very important to be on-time, and not miss a court date because if you get a good Deputy District Attorney who offers you a good deal, and you are not there to take, the next time you go to court, the next DDA may not honor what was offered, and your penalty can increase dramatically.

If you have a DUI case, and it is a blood case, this is something that you may consider going to trial on depending on the rest of your facts. There are only two (2) lawyers in the Bay Area that can handle Electronically Stored Information (ESI)/Digital Data which takes special equipment and training that allows the toxicologist to open up the Digital Data and see all the contamination and fermentation which increases the alcohol readings. I am one of those two (2) attorneys with the special equipment. See more about this in the blood area of this website under DUI Blood.

It is important that you write down everything that happened as soon as you can before you forget something. The police officer wrote a report that night to convict you, and that is the officer’s story, remember you have a side too. Then, call my office immediately for a FREE 45 minute consultation. Bring all your papers and be prepared so you are not wasting your time. CALL NOW (510) 346-6666.