Santa Clara County


There are two (2) major areas of courts for Santa Clara County. Palo Alto and San Jose courts handle both felony and misdemeanor cases. Depending on the location of your arrest you will be sent to the court nearest the alleged crime. Palo Alto has three (3) floors with two (2) courtrooms on each floor and the District Attorney’s office is in the same building. Once assigned to a courtroom, you usually stay there for all purposes of your case, such as arraignment, pre-trial, and all motions as well as a trial if you decide to go to trial.

The San Jose courthouse is located at 190 West Hedding Street, San Jose, California next to the San Jose Jail. There are four (4) floors. There is plenty of parking across the street, and be sure to take your ticket with you as you need to pay before going to your car. There are four (4) courtrooms on floors two (2), three (3), and four (4). Once assigned to a courtroom, you are there for all purposes, such as, arraignment, pre-trial, and any motions you may have, and trial if you decide to go to trial.

Santa Clara uses the Perkin Elmer (TotalChrom) blood testing for drugs and DUI alcohol. There are only two (2) attorneys in the Bay Area with this special equipment and factory training that allows the crime labs results to be checked for accuracy, and they do make mistakes, and I am one (1) of those attorneys. For more information on this see DUI Blood from the Home Page.

Make sure you write down everything you can remember about what happened leading up to and including the arrest just as soon as you can so you don’t forget anything. The police officer wrote a report right away, and it was not written to help you. Remember, you have a side of the story too. Then call my office for FREE 45 minute consultation. Do it as soon as you can, so we can get all the evidence we need to get for your defense. CALL NOW (510) 346-6666.